Interactive Image Creator

Q: What is iiCreator?

It enables you to convert your own images into interactive by adding overlay elements and mouse events. With mobile friendly HTML5 output.

Q: How to remove the watermark?

There are watermarks on the images that created in trial version, and it can be removed by upgrading to registered version in registration page.

Q: Is there any time limit for the trial version?

There is no time limit for using the trial version, but there are watermarks on the created images. You can remove it by registering the license.

Q: Can interactive images created in iiCreator be displayed on a touch screen computer?

Yes, interactive images created in iiCreator support touch screen computer and other mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Q: Can interactive images resized automatically in responsive website?

Yes, our interactive images are responsive, you can select Responsive Map options in embed code section..

Q: Does iiCreator support Mac?

iiCreator is a software for Windows that does not work on Mac OS. To remedy this, there are 2 different options:

  1. You can use BootCamp to install Windows on your Mac, and you can boot into Windows and install the software. You may also create Windows virtual machine by using emulator software (such as Parallel Desktop, VMWare Fusion or Oracle VirtualBox), and install the software inside the virtual machine.
  2. You may use our iMapBuilder Online - GMap Editor V2, which is a cloud based mapping software that creates cross-platform custom images and works in browser on both PC and Mac. You may sign up a FREE account here and the detailed steps for creating custom images can be found here.

Q: After downloading the software, an error message states the signature is defective/ corrupted. How can I run the software in this case?

Please clear your browser cache and restart your browser before downloading it again. You may also try using another browser or PC to download and see if it is still corrupted.

Q: I am using the registered version, but why there are still watermarks on my image?

After you have purchased the license for iiCreator, you will receive an confirmation email with a download link and license key. Please download the registered version using the download link in the email, and install it by following guides in the email.

If you have created image projects using trial version, you can remove the watermark by clicking the File > Update Map in Project in menu bar.

Q: I have formatted my desktop that I have to reinstall the software. However, the download link in the confirmation email has expired.

You can request new download link using your registered email in our Online Order Tracking system.

Q: I cannot install iiCreator as it said it requires admin account for installation. What can I do?

For First time installation of iiCreator

  1. Account with admin rights is required to install iiCreator.
  2. It is recommended to use the same user account in both installation and running iiCreator.
  3. If admin rights are not granted to user account for some reasons, you should
    • install iiCreator using the account with admin rights
    • running iiCreator using an account with the read/write permission to his/her user application data folder
    Note: You can open a window explorer to access user application data folder by typing "%appdata%"
  4. Installing on a share environment is not recommended because iiCreator is not designed to run in share environment.

For Reinstalling iiCreator

If you need to reinstall iiCreator, it is suggested to remove the old copy of it and clear up the temporary folder before the reinstallation.

Please try the following step to install iiCreator:

  1. Close iiCreator
  2. Uninstall iiCreator
  3. Open a Window Explorer, type in %appdata% navigate to the user's application data folder
  4. Search for iiCreator folder and delete the temporary folder
  5. Reinstall iiCreator with an administrative account.

Q: Is buying iiCreator an once off payment or do I have to pay the fee in the later days?

You have to pay once for the software and use indefinitely. Full versions do not have any timebomb and we offer free update service for 12 months (or you can upgrade to premium support that extend the support service to 24 months).

Q: I purchased a single user license, does it allow me to upload multiple maps to a website?

For single user license, you can upload any number of maps to websites under the same domain name (including subdomain). If you need to upload to multiple domain, please consider Site/Corporate License.

Q: Is it possible for me to update the software to the latest version after registration?

You can request new download link for the latest version in our Online Order Tracking system within the support period (12 months or 24 months for premium support).

Q: Do I need to have a PayPal account if I choose PayPal to pay for iiCreator?

You do not need a PayPal account as PayPal also accepts credit or debit cards. When you reach PayPal from our registration page, please take note to the option "Don't have a PayPal account" towards the bottom of the right pane. Clicking on that link would lead you to the form to enter your debit or credit card details.

Q: Why markers are not showing?

Some Windows servers do not add the .svg extension to the MIME type by default, please follow the steps below or contact your web hosting company for this issue.
Adding .svg MIME type in IIS

  1. Select the site to configure in IIS, right click and select "Properties"
  2. Under HTTP Headers Tab, select "File Types" under the MIME Map section and select "New Type"
  3. Type ".svg" as the associated extension and "image/svg+xml" as the content type.
  4. Select "OK".

Q: Can the interactive images created by iiCreator be cached in iPad that I can read the images even in offline mode?

Images created in iiCreator works even without network connection. In order to view the files on iPad, you would need to create your own manifest files.

Q: Can dynamic images be viewed in Windows XP?

iiCreator works well in Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or above is required. If you have difficulty in previewing the map in browser, you maybe using the old version of browser which does not support HTML5. Please ensure you use any of the following SVG supported browsers to view the maps:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
Apple Safari Opera

Q: Does iiCreator support Adobe Edge on Apple Mac? Are there ways to import custom image files into Adobe?

Adobe claims that their Edge Animate software works on existing pages to add HTML5/ CSS3/ Javascript animations, so you may need to add the HTML code in any text editor (even TextEdit works), and open in Edge Animate to further work on your project.

Q: Can I insert URL to images?

You can first add any overlay (e.g. markers) on the image and then insert URL to the overlays.

0:36 - Insert URL on marker(s)

Q: Can I insert multiple images to popup boxes?

Info boxes in iiCreator supports HTML code that you can add multiple images by entering related coding in the properties panel.

Q: How can I highlight specific areas in the image when i hover it?

You can draw rectangles/ polygons/ circles on the specific areas, and then edit the highlight color in the properties panel.

Create Interactive Floor Plan with Different Shape Overlays

Q: How can I enter carriage returns into an infobox?

You can use <br> tag for adding carriage returns into the infobox.

Q: How can I publish an image properly that fit to window or any other zoom settings that show the whole image when initially displayed? For example, the window size is 1200x1200px while the image is 3000x3000.

You can edit the publish image size in Custom Map Property panel:

  • Zoom in/out the image to specific zooming level regarding to your preference
  • Save the image project
  • Edit the Publish Size in Map Properties panel, and enter the width and height
    (e.g. 1200 pixels)
  • Click OK to save the setting and save the image project again
  • Publish and upload the project to your web hosting server
    *You do not need to manually modify any file after publishing

Q: How can I create a legend for user to select related categories in one click?

You can create category legend that your users can select related categories by checking related category checkboxes.

Q: Can I create a dynamic map based on a database?

iiCreator software creates standalone maps only. If you want to link your map to a database, we can create a custom map for you. Please feel free to send us your map details and we can have further discussion.

Q: Is it possible to attach javascript event markers?

The content of each marker supports HTML and CSS, and we do not officially support JavaScript. A custom solution is more suitable for your needs that you may let us know what JavaScript events you want to add. Please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can interactive images created in iiCreator be embedded into websites that are created in Dreamweaver?

Cross-platform interactive images created in iiCreator can be viewed on iPads and Mobiles, and can be embed into HTML pages that are created by Dreamweaver. For the details, please refer to the user guide.

Q: Can I embed interactive images in a BBcode module?

No, you cannot embed the interactive images, which are created in iiCreator, in the BBcode module as it only supports HTML code and will rewrite any javascript code within it. HTML5 images require javascript and SVG to work correctly, therefore another module is needed to support embedding the javascript code.

Q: Are created editable images compatible with GoDaddy?

Editable images created in iiCreator can be uploaded to GoDaddy server. If you have a GoDaddy web-hosting account, you should be able to upload files using FTP. You can contact GoDaddy support for details.

Q: Can I embed iiCreator images to WordPress?

Normally, you cannot upload files other than media files to WordPress. Therefore, if you need to embed the interactive images into your WordPress, you need to embed it remotely. First, you need to publish and upload files to other server or server location. And then you have to modify the embed code so as to support remote embedding. Here is an example of modifying the codes:

First, you need to copy the embed code from the software, like the embed code below:
<script src="iicreator.js" type="application/javascript"></script><script type="application/javascript">imap5custom.init({usermap:65130049,local:true});</script>

However, you need to modify the embed code so as to support remote embedding like below:
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script><script type="application/javascript">// <![CDATA[imap5custom.init({usermap:65130049,local:true,base:""}); // ]]></script>

Please note that usermap id (e.g. 65130049) maybe different than yours as it is the unique number for single image project. And then finally you can paste the new embed code into wordpress.

Q: Can dynamic images be used on content management system e.g. Joomla?

Dynamic images created in iiCreator can be used in various content management system, includes Joomla that you can create a new article with the maps.

Q: Why the created images cannot be read in IE9? How can I resolve it?

You can add the following code within the tag of your page to force the map to be displayed in IE9:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/>

Q: Is it possible to save the created images in static form and then embed it to PowerPoint?

You can export the images in static form (e.g. jpg, png, bmp), and then embed it to PowerPoint.

Q: Is there a way to make the initial display of the image larger?

You can first enlarge the publish size, pan and zoom the map and then set default map view to make the initial display of the map larger.

Q: Are the files of iiCreator images stored in iiCreator's server?

Files of iiCreator could be stored on your own hosting or iiCreator's server.

Q: Why created images cannot be run on IE7/ 8?

IE7/8 do not support HTML5, maps or diagrams created by iiCreator required IE 9 or above. Please try using other modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc) or upgrade your IE.

Q: Why mouseover events do not work on iPad?

Mouseover effects are not supported by touch-enabled browsers. We will use touch event (e.g. tap) to emulate the mouseover event in mobile/tablet devices.

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