Interactive Image Creator

By using the insert marker tool in software, you can markup hotspot on a clickable image or pinpoint location on a map.

  1. Click Add Markers button in vertical toolbar
  2. Select a marker icon or import icon image (in PNG, JPG format)

  3. Pinpoint location to add pin on the image
  4. Edit the marker in Marker Properties panel at the bottom of the iiCreator editor
Marker Icon
  • Click on the marker icon
  • Select an icon in or import icon images (in PNG, JPG format)
Category ID Assign if categories or filters are needed
Width/ Height Adjust width / height of the marker (pixels)
* Width and height values should be the same
  • Enter text label for a place marker
  • Click change label settings button to change the font style and color
  • X / Y offset: The label will move horizontally or vertically in pixels
Label Position Choose position for the marker label
Link to web address
  • Enter a web address to open
  • Select a target to open the link: New Window / Same Frame / Parent Frame / Root Frame
Show Infobox- Insert content (e.g. text, image, video, table, etc.) to marker when
- HTML code is supported

If you are not familiar with coding, you could add use the rich text editor.
  • Select "Rich Text Editor"
  • Mouse click in the space below
  • Select an infobox layout
  • Upload an image and resize if necessary
  • Enter text and format style using tag buttons
  • Click "OK" to complete

iiCreator Video Tutorial - Add Markers to Your Image

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