Interactive Image Creator

After publishing the interactive image project, you can upload it to your hosting / server by following flows below.

  • A Publishing panel will be popped up
  • Edit settings in the popped up panel

PreviewPreview interactive image in browser
Published FolderOpen the project folder
Embed map to your existing webpage 1. Copy and paste embed code to a server or web hosting, or, click Copy to Clipboard button to copy the code
2. Edit the web page or website with a web development application (e.g. Dreamweaver) or text editor. Paste the embed code to a proper place ( after tags<body> but before </body> )
3. Save the document, and upload it to the server.
* Document and map files have to be placed in the same folder.
(A sample result link)
Upload map to your server - Click Ftp Setting button
- Input Ftp login information
- Click Upload

Ftp Settings - Upload Image to Server or Web Hosting

You have to edit Ftp Settings before uploading the image to server.

  1. Click Ftp Settings after publishing the image
  2. Edit settings in panel
  3. Click Test Connection button, and the result would be shown
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Upload button in Publishing panel
  6. A possible URL of the image will be displayed after finishing the upload
    *Depends on different hosting providers.

Upload an interactive image project to a web server

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