Interactive Image Creator

Software for Creating Interactive Maps and Images in Minutes

Create interactive image projects in quick without coding / programming.

mapping software (html5)

iMapBuilder HTML5 Map Builder

Create interactive maps that are viewable in cross-platforms (e.g. mobile devices, tablets, and Apple products) in few steps, and easily set up dynamic charts (e.g. heat maps, bubble maps, pie charts) for presentation use.

Import bulk markers in Google Map

iMapBuilder Online

Rapidly create custom Google Maps by importing data files, and easily insert popup boxes, with images, videos, and external links, into the maps without coding. Created maps can be quickly share and embed to websites in just few clicks.

Create flight airline map

iMapBuilder for Windows

Create interactive flash maps and editable images maps in offline mode, and created maps can be hosted in your own servers. Rich editing tool allows you to add various interactive features into the maps without coding.