Interactive Image Creator

Static tourist spot maps (e.g. theme park maps, museum floor plan) can be interesting when they are interactive or dynamic. Even you know little or nothing about coding, you can convert the image maps into an editable one by importing it into image maps software. Here is a sample park map for Central Park with dynamic pins and polygons.

Pinpoint spots with labels

Manually pinpoint spots in the custom image. Labels can be added as annotation for the markers in the Marker Properties panel.
In the sample map, numbers have been added for labelling each spot.

Insert external links into makers

Without coding, external link can be inserted to each overlays (e.g. markers) by simply copy and paste the link into editing panel

Add mouseover tooltips

Mouseover tooltips can be easily created in editing panel. Furthermore, you can customized the tooltips style (e.g. tooltip color, border style, font style) in the editor without coding.

Label regions with annotations

Adding annotation is very common in creating maps, moverover, label styles can be customized according to your preference.

Draw polygons for dividing regions

Draw dynamic regions (e.g. polygons) on the image for showcasing region divisions. Stroke style (e.g. color, format, thickness) and highlight color can be edited.

Create map legend

Map legend is used for indicating meanings of symbols on the image. In the sample map, map legend is created for indicating the pins.

Import your own images and create an interactive floor plan in few steps now.