Interactive Image Creator

Customize infobox style in the Map Properties panel by changing it's size, text font, and colors.

  1. Click the Infobox Style in the Map Properties panel,
    or click Edit in the menu bar >> choose Infobox Style
  2. A popup window will be displayed
  3. Choose categories on the left hand column >> Edit settings on the right hand column
SizeEdit size of the infobox:
- Select size of the infobox, or customize size of the infobox
- Edit padding of the infobox
*padding defines the space between the border and the content
FontEdit font style that inside the infobox:
- text font
- text size
- text color
Color and OpacityCustomize background color and opacity of the infobox
BorderCustomize border of the infobox:
- border style
- width of the border
- color of the border
- radius of the border corners
ShadowAdd frame (shadow) to the infobox:
- x-offset: The infobox shadow will be slightly moved to the right for specify pixels
- y-offset: The infobox shadow will be slightly moved to the bottom for specify pixels
- blur radius (strength of the blur effect of the shadow)
- spread radius (width of the blur effect)
- color of the infobox shadow
- Put the image shadow inside the infobox border
SensitivitySet sensitivity level for positioning the infobox when mouseover
Low - easy to access the infobox content
High - hard to access the infobox content

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