Interactive Image Creator

Tube maps or metro maps can now be used as an interactive attractions tour guide by adding editable features, e.g. mouseover description box with media content.

Add markers with custom icons

Markers can be added on the image using custom icon images (supports JPG & PNG). Custom icon images would be imported into icon library for selection in the later time.

Create multi-content infobox

Mouseover infobox support HTML code that mult-content can be added, for example external links, images, and videos. Font style can also be customized using HTML code.
In the sample map, multi-media is inserted into pins for attractions introduction.

Edit infobox style without programming

Infobox style (e.g. border color, border radius, infobox color) can be edited by modifying settings without programming. You can customize infobox style regarding to your preferences.

Create map legend

Map legend is used for indicating meanings of various pins on the tube map. In the map legend settings, you can edit the legend icon, text, legend style, legend position and more.

Start importing a metro map to iiCreator and creating your own tour guide now!