Interactive Image Creator

iiCreator transforms your static exhibition floor plan into interactive, you can easily add rollover description for booths indicating the booths information, you may also create custom region to highlight the booth availability to sell the booths to vendor. With the help of map legend, you can clearly explain the meanings of elements and colors.

Here is a sample floor plan for car exhibition that you can mouseover colored rectangles for additional information in the pop up infobox. Floor plan for other exhibitions can be created in this way.

Labeling location with custom icons

Pinpoint location using custom image icon for annotating specific location (e.g. toilets).

Annotating location using labels

Add labels on the floor plan for annotating locations or facilities (e.g. stage, information centre, F&B). Font colors and styles can be edited without coding in the image editor.

Set default map view

Set default map view by entering the floor plan and zooming it to the specific leveling, and then save the image file to apply the setting. Furthermore, it is better to disable zooming and dragging functions to preserve the default map view of the floor plan.

Draw rectangles/polygons for categorizing regions into different groups

Polygons in various colors can be created for highlighting regions according to their groups. Furthermore, you can categorize regions by drawing transparent rectangles (i.e. exhibition booths for various companies are grouped by transparent rectangles with colored strokes).

Insert additional information and external link to created regions

Infobox for description and external link to company homepage can be inserted into the floor plan.

It is not complicated to create a dynamic floor plan for your exhibitions or showcases using image editor. Feel free to find out the demo HERE.