Interactive Image Creator

  1. Click Turn On button to enable category legend
  2. Edit Category Layout Settings
  3. Select category legend type:
    • Multiple Selection: Multiple categories can be selected at the same time
    • Single Selection: Only single category can be selected per time
  4. Category Legend
    • Click Add Legend Item button to load all existing categories, or manually add category legend item one by one
    • Select a category legend item and then edit the settings in Category Legend Item Settings
    • For deleting item, select it and then click Delete Legend Item button on the top right of the item list
  5. Category Legend Item Settings
    • Item type: Select whether the legend item is a legend title or a category legend item
    • Description: Legend item description / title
    • Category ID: Assign legend items to corresponding category ID
    • Category Status: Check the checkbox for setting default map view with displaying all categories' items.

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