Interactive Image Creator

Edit legend layout in editing panel

Padding: space between legend border and content
Columns per row: number of legend items per row
Legend items
Width: width of legend items inside the legend
FontEdit text settings: Font, Size, Color
Color and OpacityColor: color of legend
Opacity: opacity of legend
BorderStyle: style of strokes (e.g. solid, dot, dash)
Width: thickness of strokes
Color: color of the polygon’s strokes
Radius: radius of the border corners
ShadowFrame shadow of legend:
- x-offset: The legend shadow will be slightly moved to the right for specify pixels
- y-offset: The legend shadow will be slightly moved to the bottom for specify pixels
- Blur radius: strength of the blur effect of the shadow)
- Spread radius: width of the blur effect)
- Color: color of the legend shadow
- Inner shadow: put the shadow inside the legend border
PositionSelect legend position in the image

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