Interactive Image Creator

We all love travelling around the world, and share our experience and thoughts to other via online platforms. Apart from uploading photos and writing blog posts, you can now introduce your travel routes to others using an annotated image. Here is an interactive map for Trans Siberian Railway, and you can get detailed information by mouseover the pins.

Add markers for pinpointing stations

Pinpoint stations on the map with marker icon. Color and size of the markers can be customized to match the map theme/ style.

Insert detailed information with hyperlink to markers

Mouseover description box can be inserted to each marker for displaying basic information of each station. Since the description box supports HTML code, external links to Trans Siberian official website can be added into the box.

Show city names on your map

As shown on the demo above, labels can be easily added for showing city names with this image annotation software.

Draw routes

Draw polylines in different colors to distinguish travel routes using various transportation: Trans Siberian, train, ferry.
Polyline style (e.g. color, thickness, pattern) can all be customized in the editor without coding.

Create map legend

Create map legend to indicate meanings of overlays (e.g. markers, polylines) on the image. Follow steps in the editor can easily and quickly import the overlays data to the legend without programming.

You can now share your travel experience with others in a dynamic way by creating an annotated image map.