Interactive Image Creator

You can now create an interactive floor plan for shopping mall with just a few clicks. In the past, you will usually find a static floor plan with directory or a high cost tailor made kiosk system. With iiCreator, you can easily create your own floor plan which works in most browser or even create a mobile support and responsive floor plan. The sample below demonstrate how we use iiCreator to create an interactive wayfinder floor plan system for shopping mall. User can simply mouseover/touch the item in category list and it will show you the path to the shop.

Dynamic WayFinder for shopping mall can now be created using image creator without programming. Utilizing category map legend can create your own way finder in few steps

Add markers with custom icons

You can import your own icon images into the map to associate with with various locations in the shopping mall (e.g. brand / company logos for shops, restroom symbols, information center icon). Furthermore, imported icons will be saved in the icon library for selection in the future.

Add labels into the markers

Labels can be added into the markers for indicating the location symbols. Font size, color, and location can be customized without coding.

Draw polylines for routes

Add polylines on the image as routes for the WayFinder. In the sample map, all routes are drawn between the "You are here" icon to various locations, and then assign the lines to separate category

Create single selection category

First, create various categories for different routes, and assign polylines to the related categories. And then set up the category legend as single selection that routes would be displayed on the WayFinder when you mouseover the category item in the legend.

Even you know nothing about coding, programming and system, it is no more complicated issue for creating a dynamic WayFinder by utilizing function of category legend. You can now creating your own WayFinder for the shopping mall you are used to go , your office, your school, or even your city.