Interactive Image Creator

Company structure can be presented to fellow colleagues and customers in interactive way by creating a dynamic flow chart. It is not complicated and no programming is required when creating the chart in image editor. Check the features below, and creating yours following steps below.

Draw editable rectangles

Draw editable rectangles using the tool in the editor, and then edit settings (e.g. color, border color, border style, highlight color) in the editing panel.

Insert job title by adding label in the rectangle

Job titles can be easily added into the rectangles by simply adding labels inside it. Font styles, colors and size can be customized without coding.

Create mouseover information boxes with multi-media contents

Mouseover boxes can be enabled without programming. Multi-media contents (e.g. photo, table, external link) can be inserted into the box for detailed information.

Draw lines for linking the boxes

Add lines / polylines for linking the rectangles that color, width, style and opacity can be edited without in the panel. Mouseover tooltips/boxes can also be added to the lines if needed.

Dynamic flow chart can be quickly created in just few steps without complicated coding, and you can create similar flow chart for proposal, presentation, reports, etc. Download the free editor and try to create yours now.