Interactive Image Creator

Interactive features can be added into a 3D floor plan by simply use an image editing software, and better present the housing estate information with popup description boxes without programming.

Insert popup description box

Popup description boxes with images & external links can be inserted to the 3D map using HTML code. First, add rectangles/polygons for the estates, and then insert information content into the editing panel for creating the boxes.

Add tooltips for annotation

Besides adding labels on the floor plan, we can add tooltips for annotation and make the floor plan looks simple and tidy. Tooltip settings (e.g. size, color, font style) can all be customized in the software without programming.

Add floor plan title with banner

Styled map title can be added on the map by utilizing the tools in the software. In the sample map, a colored rectangle is drawn on the map, and the add label (as the map title) on the rectangle. Settings (e.g. colors, font, size) of rectangles and labels can be customized according to the concept & design of the floor plan & company.

It is not complicated to create an interactive 3D floor plan, and you can now experience how easy of it HERE.