Interactive Image Creator

Here are descriptions about two toolbars in the iiCreator editing panel:

horizontal toolbar in iiCreator

Horizontal toolbar

Select icons in the horizontal toolbar to edit image settings, save and publish the image.

Tool ButtonDescription
Create new image project
Open a saved image project
Open Recent
Open a recent saved image project
save the image project in the software
Save As
save the image map project to the device
Close the image project
Refresh the image
Preview in browser
Preview the interactive image in a browser
Publish the image project
Pan and Zoom Settings
- Edit User Interface (Home Button & Zoom Control)
- Edit User Interaction (Map Draggable & ScrollWheel)
- Edit / Customize Color Theme of Pan & Zooming icons
- Set current view of the image as the default view
- Restore to the default view
Category Legend Settings
- Create Category Legend - Edit Category Legend Settings
- Edit Background Color and Style of the Category Legend
Export to Image
Export interactive image to a static image (Supports: JPG / PNG / BMP / TIFF)
Share Interactive Image
Share interactive image Instantly
- Upload the image to iMapBuilder cloud server
- Share the image by generated URL or embed code
- Current version of iiCreator
- Help Support
- Registration Details

Vertical Toolbar

Add interactive features to the image using tools in the vertical toolbars.

Vertical toolbar in iiCreator
Tool ButtonDescription
Select / Drag an object
Select an overlay for editing
Add markers
Add markers on the image
Add Labels
Add labels on the image
Add Paths
Add paths / polylines on the image
Add Curves
Add curves on the image
Add Polygons
Add clickage polygons on the image
Add Rectangles
Draw clickable rectangles on the image
Add Circles
Draw clickable circles on the image
Add Legends
Create legends for the image

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