Interactive Image Creator

Easily create editable curves to custom images in few steps.

  1. Click Add Curves icon in vertical toolbar
  2. Select location to define a start point of the curve
  3. Click on a location to define an endpoint of the curve
  4. Drag the mouse on the image to edit the curvature of the curve
  5. Right click to confirm the curvature
  6. For modifying the position of the curve, you have to:
    • Click Select / Drag and object icon in horizontal toolbar
    • Select a curve on the image
    • Select dots of the curve to edit position of the startpoint, endpoint and the curvature
  7. After editing the position, edit the settings in Map Curve Properties panel at the bottom of the iMapBuilder HTML5 map editor
NameName of the curve
Category IDAssign the curve to a category
ColorColor of the curve
OpacityOpacity of the curve (0-100)
WidthThickness of the curve
StyleStyle of the curve (e.g. solid, dot, dash)
Symbol Select symbol for Start & End point
Link to web Insert link to the curve
Address Select destination to open the hyperlink:
New Window / Same Frame / Parent Frame / Root Frame
Show Infobox- Insert content (e.g. text, image, video, table, etc.) to the curve when mouseover it
- HTML code is supported

If you are not familiar with coding, you could add infobox content using Rich Text Editor.
  • Select "Rich Text Editor"
  • Mouse click in the space below, and then an "Infobox Wizard" will be popped up
  • Select an infobox layout
  • Upload an image and edit the size of it
  • Enter and edit text content using tools in the menu bar
  • Click "OK" to complete the editing

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